Reflections on how I learn to live life with faith.

The Bleeding Woman.

Jesus raised a dead girl and healed a bleeding woman (Mark 5:21-43)

Recapping the past lessons on Mark, I came across this Scripture again. We already know the story of how Jesus healed a bleeding woman for 12 years, and also raised a dead 12-yr old. But there are some verses there I’d like to highlight and I’m certain it will uplift us, as much as I felt encouraged by the Word.

v.26 shows the bleeding woman has been suffering from her condition and approached many doctors who she thinks can heal hear but instead of getting better, she grew worse.

v.27-29 the woman claimed “If I touch Jesus’ clothes, I will be healed” with full confidence. She approached Jesus with that faith and was freed from her suffering.

v.30-33 Jesus kept asking in the crowd “who touched my clothes?” Until the woman came up from the crowd to confess.

v.34 “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

v.35-36 – Jairus was informed that her daughter is dead and told Jairus not to bother the teacher anymore. Jesus said “Don’t be afraid, just believe.”

How many times have we experienced suffering in our lives? How many people did we approach with the hope of them healing us? Did they alleviate our suffering or did it make things worst? Most of the time we are like that, I am guilty of that myself. I tend to just ignore and walk away and just build a wall and talk to a few people. But did it make my suffering get better? It grew worse. No matter how many times I ignore it and go on with my usual business, it still grew worse. The thing is, suffering is an emotion that cannot just be healed from people, from other things or from simply ignoring it. We know who can take away our suffering, Jesus. That step of faith, healed the bleeding woman that no other men or expert could.

Notice, that the woman testified? Jesus knew who touched His clothes (He is God!), but He waited for that woman to testify about her faith. And what did Jesus say after? Your faith has healed you, you are free from your suffering. Being free from your suffering is not an instant thing after you have come in faith towards Jesus — the woman came to Jesus with that faith, she claimed it, she testified, then Jesus freed her from her suffering. Once you claim you are healed by the grace of Jesus, testify! Once you testify of His amazing work in taking out our suffering — we can go in peace & be free from it.

But what if I feel discouraged? What if there’s no sense dwelling over it and in time the issue will just die down. Jairus’ daughter died and was advised not to bother Jesus anymore. Jesus reminds us there to never be afraid! Just believe! Jesus knows our hopeless situations, when we are spiritually dying or dead… no, don’t be afraid, BELIEVE! Jesus is our life. Claim His promises! Believe on His Works! Have faith on His Words! 🙂


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